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to let your chaos, if you were here, then the seat of the implementation plan will almost by go die Bian Jing, Zhao Kuangyin son rubbed his tired eyes, stand ready to move about, this is a direct Shunzi ran in, looking quite scared, Microsoft Certification do not Microsoft Specialist: Microsoft Azure know what happened. Kuangyin could ask, Shunzi stand out behind a person, this person dressed in armor, is a general, the key is this man wearing mourning. Microsoft Specialist: Microsoft Azure it exam Murong Jing Lake area lieutenant general given them long Sun Shunde audience with His Majesty, His Majesty...... This is called the long Sun Shunde people who have not finished started to cry, tears ah. It Exam heard this a stagger and almost fell, thanks Shunzi direct hold on, he goes without saying Kuangyin have learned. Army deputy future obituary notice, indicating that out of the event, the death of someone in the army, it was the army s death, military deputy to the future, and there is such a big face people in addition to the pair of boss, other people really not such a big face. His Majesty the Murong generals assassinated. Long Sun Shunde, finally stopped sobbing, say it to his own purposes, Murong.

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70-534 Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions Microsoft Microsoft Specialist: Microsoft Azure