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ign. Though the HCNA-UC it exam name is just a symbol, but implied cultural meaning it can not be ignored. From the above name, we can easily get a glimpse of the world weary psychological and Li Yu Mirrored in Buddhist thought. The hermit , hermit for the number, indicating that he longed hermit life, revealing his real weary. As for the lay of the number, there are two meanings one refers reclusive, Ancient virtuous people and seclusion Bushi title a Buddhist term, free translation is master of the house. Li Yu to lay as their main justice Buddhism, which his number Bailian lay , feng lay can be seen. Bailian, feng, refer to Buddhist Lotus Society, Nichiren. Visible, Li Yu No. White Lotus Buddhist , feng lay , but conscious of itself and Buddhist believers. Buddhism can be seen on Li Yu natural affection, so if you are a monk in the Southern Tang when that day is quite Huawei Certification easy HCNA-UC either. In their own country from impending doom when Li Yu not thinking of how to resist, but the thought of Buddhism, the Buddha thought. Elders, I Buddhist Buddha, why not Buddha blessing I Now the entire Song Jinling is surrounded by the w.

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
HC-011-811-CHS Huawei Certified Network Associate - Unified Communications (HCNA-UC) - CHS Huawei HCNA-UC